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Ride of Your Life
Toren: The Teller’s Tale
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Secret Life of Mira Levy
Dan Quixote: Boy of Nuevo Jersey
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Dan Tyler believes in his dreams. He also believes in magic, extraterrestrials, and every fantasy novel he has ever read. His best friend Sandy, however, believes it’s time for him to grow up.

In the end, Dan tames the Dragon by leading the class in a Peasants’ Revolt, Sandy defends Dan’s right to be a dreamer, and Sandy and Gwen unite to teach the queen bee a lesson she will not soon forget. Sandy realizes that growing up is not about acting like everyone else, but accepting who you and your real friends are and not being afraid to reach for your dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

Based on Cervante’s Classic novel, Don Quixote, DAN QUIXOTE: BOY OF NUEVO JERSEY deals with one of the greatest conflicts kids in middle school face: the conflict of finding out who you are while trying to fit in with your peers. The story encourages kids to resist social pressures and dare to be themselves.

When Dan falls in love with Gwen, Sandy worries that she, Sandy, may no longer have a place in his life. Then things go from bad to worse. Jade, the class queen bee, manipulates Dan into agreeing to battle Mrs. Fallon, the terrible history teacher they have nicknamed the Dragon---and when Dan refuses to go along at the last minute, the queen bee turns her stinger on him.