Shevi has written 40 picture-book manuscripts.  As a writer-illustrator, she often makes storyboards for these with little thumbnail sketches, and sometimes she’ll turn  those into picture book dummies (mock-ups containing black-and-white sketches and text) with 2-3 finished art samples.

You can hear the complete story and see the thumbnail sketches and sample illustrations of one of them here: CLICK THE DOG. You can also see the complete dummy of another story here:


    List of picture-books manuscripts Shevi has written:
1.       "Who Is God?" Abram Asked
2.       After the Bad Thing Happened
3.       Alphabetical Disorder
4.       Book of Bad Mothers
5.       Bowling with Bailey
6.       The Candoo Bird
7.       Can You Talk Like the Animals?
8.       The Hanukah Mouse & the Christmas Mouse
9.       Cindergorilla
10.   Click the Dog
11.   Eaten Out of House and Home
12.   Elephant Road Trip
13.   Fay Fairy's Very Big Problem
14.   The Glass Butterfly
15.   The Dreaming Tree
16.   If the Shoe Fits
17.   Little Red Running Shoes
18.   Lucky Me
19.   Nicky's Pictures
20.   On Sunday the Chicken Crossed the Road
21.   Peter Peter Tomato Eater
22.   Prince Schemer and Prince Dreamer
23.   Princess Lucy, the Fairies, and the Goblins
24.   Today I Had a Bad Day
25.   Waiting Room Game
26.   What Does Red Taste Like?
27.   Why Can't I Wear Pajamas?
28.   Word Town
29.   Yoni's Rosh Hashanah Tooth
30.   I Know an Old Giant Who Swallowed the Sky
31.   In Case I Didn't Warn You...
32.   Lips: It's Not Safe to Go Into the Wedding
33.   Little Boy Blue Skies
34.   My Cousin Speaks Hebrew
35.   Frieda the Frog's Passover
36.   Ordinary Household Monsters
37.   The Rooster Went Ah-Choo!
38.   Tova's Dream
39.   What Is Jewish?
40.   Today I Taught Grandpa How to Use the Computer